Literacy and Lexile Measures

The Importance of Literacy

It’s much more than just reading words on a page. Literacy involves reading, understanding, and communicating effectively — all skills that are needed not only for tests, but for life.

The Lexile® Framework is a way for schools to know the difficulty of the materials your child can read and understand. All 50 states, including Texas, use Lexile® measures to improve student achievement in reading comprehension.

What the Lexile® framework does

Using Lexile® Tools at Home

Curious about your child’s Lexile® measure and what it means? Use these tools to learn more.

Find a Book

The Find a Book tool helps you choose books that are at the right Lexile® measure for your child. Just enter your Lexile® measure and see what books are available.

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Lexile® Map

The Lexile® Map includes examples of popular books and sample text at different points on the Lexile® scale.

Download map in color Download map in black and white for efficient printing Learn about the Lexile Map and more download options

Growth Planner

You may wonder if a child will be prepared for the reading requirements of college and the workplace upon graduation. The Lexile® Growth Planner provides some insight on this topic. With the Lexile® Growth Planner, you can chart a child’s reading growth across different annual state assessments, forecast future reading growth, compare that forecasted reading growth with the text demands of college and careers, and, if needed, identify a custom growth path to ensure the child is college and career ready when they graduate from high school.

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Expand Your Child’s Reading

One of the best ways to nurture a love of reading that leads to improved literacy is to take your children to the library regularly. Most libraries have special summer reading programs.

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